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Created by Bart King

ich liebe solche tests... und ich liebe feeeeerien <3

1.4.07 21:13, kommentieren

The (slightly more) In-Depth Weiss Kreuz Character Selector

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You're Farfarello!

Purposeful and focused, you don't waste time stressing over the little things. As happy on your own as with a few close friends, you're probably not a crowd person. You give life everything you've got, and you don't care what anyone else may think of you for it. Inhibitions and conformism are for other people. The only standard you're living up to is your own.

Which member of Schwarz are you?
(the extremely random quiz)

okay, ich finde jetzt wird`s echt unheimlich -.-

15.4.07 21:47, kommentieren

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